School Counseling/Behavioral Health

The Department of Education & Early Development encourages a comprehensive and integrated system of school-based and school-linked mental health services, based on best practices, that supports the social, emotional health and academic success for all students.

School counseling services assist students with their academic, career, and personal/social development so they can achieve school success. Grade PK - 12 school counseling services help students meet these needs by providing a preventive, developmentally appropriate curriculum for all students; short-term individual and small-group counseling in response to students' difficulties with typical developmental issues (such as puberty, adjustment to new school, etc.); consultation with teachers, immediate family members and other caregivers, and other helping professionals regarding appropriate and consistent interventions for students; and assessment of school climate and other school-based issues that require systemic responses.

Behavioral health services are offered in response to a broad range of needs including, but not limited to, mental health issues, mental disorders and their implications, substance abuse and dependence. These services encompass prevention, treatment, and crisis intervention; including intensive support groups and individual counseling, with family counseling and referrals.

State Requirements

Statute 14.18.030 (1981) requires public education to make available guidance and counseling services to all students equally. Statute 14.33.120 (2001) requires each governing body to adopt a written school disciplinary and safety program that must include standards to address mental health needs of students.

Supportive Documents

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