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Powerful Allies: Afterschool Programs, Service-Learning, and Community Education Powerful and practical suggestions are provided for how America's schools and communities can take advantage of all of the available people power and time to elevate our children's and communities' learning assets. Available for $7.00

Academic Content, After-school style: A Notebook and Guide to help weave school content into all kinds of afterschool programs. Available for $45.00

GraffitiWall: Style Guide activates learning with 'gotta-try-em' activities that have kids guessing, jotting, puzzling, and playing. Available for $21.95

Getting it right: Strategies for After-School Success: This report synthesizes the last 10 years of findings from P/PV's and other researchers' work to address one of the most demanding challenges facing today's after-school programs. Available for $7.50 or download for FREE

Extended Learning Opportunities: This policy statement advances a broad vision of extended learning opportunities (ELOs) that includes diverse strategies designed to extend and expand the time that our nation's children and youth spend engaged in enriching learning experiences. FREE

Sustaining 21st Century Community Learning Centers: What works and how policymakers can help. This tool s part of a series of technical assistance resources on financing and sustaining out-of-school time and community school initiatives developed by The Finance Project with support from both public and private foundations, including the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Wallace Foundation, and the federal Child Care Bureau. FREE

Profiles of Successful Sustainability StrategiesThe profiles provided highlight the successful practices of 21CCLC grantees that have sustained out-of-school programming beyond their initial grants. FREE

Moving Towards Success: Framework for After-School Programs. This Framework is a guide to assist both start-up and existing after-school programs in a variety of settings. FREE