Grant Program Information

The Alaska State Council on the Arts offers grants to assist the development of the arts, distributing state and federal funds through programs to support both individual artists and arts organizations.

Grant programs reflect and support the mission and goals set by the Council and guidelines are specific to each program. All grants are contingent upon availability of funds. Information about specific grant programs as well as guidelines and applications are available by clicking the "Grant Programs" tab above or by requesting a hard copy from the ASCA office.

The grants and programs of the Alaska State Council on the Arts address the following goals:

  • to encourage diversified bases of support for the arts;
  • to promote the perpetuation and recognition of Alaska Native arts;
  • to encourage more knowledgeable artists, audiences, and public decision makers;
  • to promote continued development of high quality works of art;
  • to assist the development of broad-based advocacy for the arts;
  • to ensure that arts programs and funds are distributed across Alaska.

The Council awards funds only to Alaskan [501 (C) (3)] nonprofit organizations, schools, government agencies, or depending on the category, individuals. If an organization has not attained tax exempt status some grant categories allow sponsorship by a qualified organization if they can demonstrate a close working relationship with the applicant and the sponsoring organization agrees to accept financial responsibility.

All grants are approved by the Council. Some are reviewed and rated in advance of Council approval by a panel of discipline representatives. All grants are evaluated in accordance with published review criteria.

The Council operates on the State fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30. All Council funds must be expended within the fiscal year the grant is awarded. Specific requirements are itemized in the application instructions for each program. Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss proposals with the Council staff before submitting applications. Special assistance to disabled applicants is available.

The Alaska State Council on the Arts and its grant recipients, are required to abide by federal regulations which bar discrimination based on race, color, national origin or gender and require accessibility for persons with disabilities. Ethnic and cultural-based organizations are encouraged to apply to all grants programs.