Grants to Organizations

Applications must be submitted online at:

The Alaska State Council on the Arts funds applications in all areas of the arts: dance, visual arts, literature, music, theater, media arts, and traditional Native arts. The Council also encourages applications that promote and develop the cultural heritage of Alaskans and the creation of new works by Alaskan artists. Applicants applying for the first time must contact ASCA first.

Community Arts Development Grants

Community Arts Development Grants assist small nonprofit Alaskan organizations in developing art programs in underserved areas of the state and/or underserved disciplines. Exhibits, concerts, dance performances and festivals, workshops, readings, theater productions are examples of the kinds of arts projects funded through this grant category. Grants will also be given to assist developing organizations in the area of arts administration such as board development, accounting systems and budget development. Priority will be given to those organizations that operate on a volunteer basis with no paid staff.

Community Arts Development grants are designed to stimulate grassroots arts activity, and to encourage public interest and participation in the arts throughout Alaska. Grant amounts will not exceed $5,000. To apply CAD Grant Application

For any questions, please contact Saunders McNeill, Community and Native Arts Program Director at 907-269-6610.

Operating Support

Operating Support grants are annual grants available to eligible organizational applicants to support a portion of ongoing artistic and administrative functions. These may include, but are not limited to salaries, travel, promotion and production costs of an entire program, or a majority of the organization's yearly activities. To apply OS Grant Application and Guidelines

Workshop Grants

Workshop grants are made to Alaskan nonprofit organizations to provide them with the opportunity to hold an arts-related workshop of limited duration using artists and other professional resource persons as instructors.

A workshop may include all areas of the visual, performing, traditional, craft, media, and literary arts, as well as arts administration. Workshop grants can be used to cover artist/instructor fee and to assist with round-trip travel for the artist/instructor. Grants usually average around $1,000. To apply Workshop Grant Application

For any questions, please contact Andrea Noble-Pelant, Visual & Literary Arts Program Director at 907-269-6610.

Harper Arts Touring Fund Grants

The Harper Arts Touring Fund was established by the Rasmuson Foundation in 2002 to increase access to high quality performing arts, visual arts and culture exhibitions in communities throughout Alaska. The program is designed to encourage tours of Alaska’s arts presentations and exhibitions; build the capacity of organizations in small communities to present and exhibit; and to build audiences for cultural events and exhibitions. The Fund provides grants to subsidize travel and freight expenses associated with the presentation of touring performances, or visual arts and material culture exhibitions in communities without regular access to these types of programs. Through a partnership with the Alaska State Council on the Arts, training and technical assistance are provided to help communities strengthen their ability to successfully present performing arts activities and visual arts and material culture exhibitions.

Eligible Organization

  • Alaskan organizations that have received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service and are classified as "not a private foundation" under section 509(a) of the Code.
  • Units of government and tribal entities.
  • A school, college or university if the proposed activity is open to the general public and the primary purpose of the project is NOT a school residency or to generate academic credit;

If you have a question regarding your organization’s eligibility, please contact Laura Forbes at the Alaska State Council on the Arts at (907) 269-6682 or

Applications must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the scheduled activity. Applications may be submitted earlier than 90 days prior to the scheduled activity for the current fiscal year. Award letters will be sent to successful applicants within 60 days of application receipt. Grantees must sign and return the grant award letters in order to receive payment of awards.

Eligible Projects
Arts presentations and exhibitions including but not limited to: theater, dance, opera/musical theater, music, performances for young audiences, literary readings/storytelling, folk & traditional arts, media arts, and visual art and historical exhibitions are eligible provided they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Presentations/exhibitions for Alaskan communities that do not have regular access to arts experiences.
  2. Presentations/exhibitions of an Alaskan based artist or arts organization to communities in Alaska.
  3. Presentations/exhibitions specifically designed to attract new audiences or reach underserved populations.
  4. Multi-community tours within Alaska that include categories 1, 2 or 3 above that are coordinated by a lead organization.
  5. If a presentation/exhibition is traveling from outside of Alaska, then block-booking between at least two Alaska communities is required (See Lead Presenter/Exhibitor Coordination Details).
  6. Applicants may receive up to a maximum of two Harper Arts Touring Fund grants per presenter/exhibitor, per fiscal year.
  7. The proposed activity must be marketed to and open to the public. Where possible, the tour should include an educational component.

If you have a question regarding your organization’s eligibility or you need technical assistance with the application process, please contact Laura Forbes at the Alaska State Council on the Arts at (907) 269-6682 or

Harper Arts Touring Fund Grant Guidelines - pdf

Harper Arts Touring Fund Grant Application Form - word

Harper Arts Touring Fund Grant Application Form - pdf

For those applicants using the PDF application or final report form, please be sure to open the form completely and save it as a new document with a file label that includes your organization name. By doing this, you ensure that your data will be saved in the PDF form. It will also help us identify your application if you intend to send it via email. If possible when emailing an application of final report, print or save your application or final report and all the attachments, create a single document including forms, narrative and attachments and email one complete copy of your application materials rather than several attachments. If you send multiple attachments, include the number of attachments in the subject of your email: e.g. "Harper Arts Application Materials for Art Town Tour-attachments 1-3 of 4."

Template Individual Host Community Letter of Support for Harper Arts Touring Fund - word

Harper Arts Touring Fund Grant Final Report - pdf

Walker Arts Presentation and Touring Grant

The Helen Walker Performing Arts Fund Grant is named for Helen A. Walker, a major arts advocate in the state until her death in 1996. Ms. Walker was a recipient of the Governor's Award for the Arts in 1984, a founder of the Fairbanks Arts Association and the Sitka Summer Music Festival, as well as Arts Alaska. She served as a board member for numerous cultural groups, including the Alaska Repertory Theater, the Fairbanks Library Foundation, the University of Alaska's KUAC Advisory Board, and Fairbanks Commissions for Urban Beautification, Parks and Recreation, and the Library.

Arts Alaska provided professional management services for the state's performing arts tours and other programs from 1975 to 1988. Since that time, the Arts Alaska Endowment Fund awarded over $100,000 to qualifying sponsors/presenters for performing arts projects in small Alaskan communities.

In 2006, the Arts Alaska Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization and invest the funds through the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation. Each year, interest from this fund will provide grants to support the performing arts in Alaska.

Walker Art Grant Guidelines - pdf

Walker Art Grant Application - pdf

For any questions, please contact Laura Forbes, Arts Education Program Director at 907-269-6610.