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Physical Activity and Nutrition for Young Children

The Department of Education & Early Development has developed web-based, interactive training courses for educators and parents on special education topics.

The Physcial Activity and Nutrition for Young Children course provides in-depth training to head start, preschool, and childcare providers interested in improving the physical activity and nutrition environment for children in their care. Participants learn: About childhood overweight How to implement policy and environmental strategies in the classroom setting to increase physical activity and healthy food choices The training also prepares programs to integrate the principles of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPyramid, and the Child and Adult Care Food Program into the nutrition education curriculum, classroom environment, and their personal behavior characteristics.

This eLearning course includes the following modules:

  • Nutrition in the Child Care Programs
  • Physical Activity in the Classroom
  • Serving Healthy Food
  • Traditional Foods
  • Weight Matters

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Course Reviews

Star Rating: 4 out of 4

  • I found the course to be very informational about keeping children physically active. Children like to move and as teachers we can help with the developmental stage they go through to help master the different stages and move on to the next developmental
  • Didn't know that there was a statue that regulated the time preschools have to be active during open hours. Also didn't know the different in adult-led activity and free play activity needing to be two hours of activity.