State of Alaska
School District Liaisons

School District Title X Responsibilities

According to the McKinney-Vento Law, each school district must:

  1. Immediately enroll homeless students in the regular school program despite the lack of transcripts, immunization records, and other documentation.
  2. Provide transportation to homeless students so that they can remain in their school of origin.
  3. Supply materials homeless students need to participate in the regular school program and activities.
  4. Enroll homeless students in free and reduced breakfast and lunch program.
  5. Identify a Homeless Liaison, who:
    1. Connects homeless families with available community resources.
    2. Assists the family or youth efforts to gather documentation typically needed for school and to connect with public health as needed.
    3. Facilitates the establishment, maintenance, acquisition, and transfer of academic and immunization records for homeless students.
    4. Coordinates the training of school staff on issues surrounding the education of homeless students and the McKinney-Vento Law.