Mandated Training

Employee Evaluation
Professional Development Required for School District Staff

AS 14.20.149
4AAC 19.060

Sec. 14.20.149 Employee evaluation

(c) A person may not conduct an evaluation under this section unless the person holds a type B certificate or is a site administrator under the supervision of a person with a type B certificate, is employed by the school district as an administrator, and has completed training in the use of the school district's teacher evaluation system.
(d) Once each school year, a school district shall offer in-service training to the certificated employees who are subject to the evaluation system. The training must address the procedures of the evaluation system, the standards that the district uses in evaluating the performance of teachers and administrators, and other information that the district considers helpful.
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4 AAC 19.060 Evaluation Training

Each school district shall provide in-service training in evaluative techniques for all certificated staff. (Eff. 8/30/75, Register 55)
Authority: AS 14.07.020, AS 14.07.060
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Available EED resource

This handbook is intended to be used as guidance for districts in creating their evaluation procedures. This resource is NOT intended to be used for staff to read to fulfill this training (please note: district staff are not required to utilize this resource. Districts may use alternative resources).

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