ASCA Open House June 4, 2010 Photos

Alex and Carol
Alex and Carol Bryner
Scott and Robyn
Scott Schofield and Robyn Hollway
Ben, Cathy, and Aryne
Ben Brown, Cathy Rasmuson, and Aryne Randall
Diane & George
Diane Borgman and George Cannelos
Saunders, Theresa & Sonya
Saunders McNeill, Theresa John, and Sonya Kelliheer-Combs

Jayson, Mike, and Dan
Jayson Smart, Mike Huelsman, and Dan Seiser
Ricky Soua Vang
Judy and Gail
Sandy Harper and Peggy MacDonald
Judy and Gail
Judy Huelsman and Gail Niebrugge
Charlotte and Susan
Charlotte Fox and Susan Share