Visual Arts

With guidance from the ASCA appointed visual arts committee, staff works to provide increased visibility, public appreciation and opportunities for visual artists in Alaska.

The program currently provides funds to individuals through the career opportunity grant category. Non-profit organizations apply for workshop grants and operating support grants to sponsor projects ranging from exhibits to workshops.

Alaska Contemporary Art Bank

The Alaska Contemporary Art Bank (Art Bank), now in its 26th year of operation, is a collection of over 600 portable works of art by Alaskan artists available for loan to state offices.

The Alaska Contemporary Art Bank was formed in 1975. Art is available for loan to state offices and Alaska's Congressional Delegation. Contact the Art Bank Curator for more information. Please contact Janelle Matz

View the Art Bank Gallery

Percent for Art Program

In 1975, the Alaska Legislature passed the Percent for Art in Public Places statute requiring the expenditure of one percent of the capital construction costs of public buildings for the acquisition and permanent installation of artwork. The Percent for Art Program is managed in conjunction with the Department of Transportation to achieve the following objectives:

  • to provide access to works of art in public spaces;
  • to offer a variety of visual experiences in varied styles, methods and medium to further humanize our man-made surroundings with the artistic statements of living artists;
  • to provide a supportive working environment and the opportunity for personal creative accomplishment;
  • to contribute to the development and recognition of a professional artistic community;
  • and to accomplish broad cultural goals by introducing new visual ideas to the general public.
  • Alaska Percent for Art Informational brochure, 2016 (pdf)

ASCA is developing a database of all state-funded public art projects. If you know of a project that we might not have information about, please e-mail Andrea Noble-Pelant at

ASCA provides assistance to agencies with Percent For Art programs by assisting in the establishment of community-based panels and in identifying potential art projects. Resources are also available to agencies beginning a Percent For Art program or those who need to revisit existing policies.

4Culture + Public Art Calls List

A list compiled by Public Art 4Culture provides basic information about current Public Art Calls to Artists as well as current public art opportunities from fellow agencies. Please note each Call may have specific eligibility requirements including geographic restrictions. If you would like to receive this list directly from 4Culture, please contact Willow Fox via the website