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We want to make it easy for you to sign up your child(ren) for school. If you have questions, call (907) 465-2851.

SCHOOL CALENDAR for 2015-2016

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Who can attend school?

If your children are 5 years old by September 1, they can attend kindergarten. If your children are 6 years old by September 1, they can attend first grade. Some school districts will accept younger students. Check with your school district’s main office. This page will show you how to contact your school district.

How do I enroll my children?

New students should enroll at their school. Bring a copy of your children’s birth certificates if they are entering kindergarten or first grade. Also, no matter what their grade is, bring a copy of your children’s immunization record – their shots. This page will show you what shots are required. And bring proof that you live in the school district. For example, your proof could be a utility bill, a phone bill, or an apartment lease.

What is my school district?

If you are new to Alaska or have moved to a new community, you might not know the name of your school district or how to contact them. Here is a two-step way to figure it out. First, click on local school and type in your community’s name. That will tell you your school district. Now go back to this page and click on district, scroll down to your district, and open up the page. You will see phone numbers and addresses for your district.

What are the rules on shots?

All children attending an Alaska school, including preschool, must be immunized against certain diseases. The guides on this page will show you what shots your children need to have.

Are there exceptions?

Yes. Children do not need to be immunized if their parents have a letter from an Alaska-licensed doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathy, physician assistant or advanced nurse practitioner stating that the shots would injure the children’s health. Or if the parents sign a sworn statement saying that the shots go against the beliefs and practices of their religion.

What if I am transferring to another school in my district during the school year?

If you need to transfer your child from one neighborhood school to another, you must get permission from the principal of the new school. Do not take your children out of one school before they are officially enrolled in another school. Bring a copy of your child’s school transcript, shots records, and your proofs of residency to the new school.