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Child Abuse Prevention Training

The Child Abuse Prevention Training course is available to assist districts in complying with AS 47.17.022, Child Protection Training. This statute requires districts to provide training to all mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect with training within their first 6 months of employment as well as once every 5 years thereafter.

The Child Abuse Prevention eLearning course offers educators and parents the opportunity to:

  • Understand the magnitude of child abuse and neglect in Alaska and the impact child abuse and neglect have on children
  • Know which school district personnel are mandated reporters
  • Comprehend Alaskan child abuse and neglect laws
  • Learn techniques for recognition and detection of child abuse and neglect
  • Know agencies and organizations in Alaska that offer aid to victims/families suffering abuse and neglect

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Course Reviews

Star Rating: 3+ out of 4

  • This training should be required for all school district employees that have any contact with students. VERY GOOD INFORMATION!
  • This is very helpful in terms of understanding how to report and what to look for as a mandatory reporter.
  • The newer module is well done - easy to follow and understand