State of Alaska


The Facilities section works to administer school capital projects that include state funding to ensure cost-effective execution of projects. Manage State of Alaska educational assets, including land and buildings. Provide guidance to districts pertaining to school facility planning, design, construction, and operations. Produce an accurate and complete prioritized list of statewide needs for school capital projects.

Important Dates

  • Grant project annual reports due by July 31
  • Evidence of preventive maintenance compliance for FY17 CIP cycle due by August 1
  • FY17 Grant Applications must be postmarked by Sept 1
  • Debt project annual reports due by October 15

Contact Us

  • Facilities Manager
      Telephone: (907) 465-8679
  • Bid Document, Design, & Plan Review
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Lands Management & Project Support
  • Project Support