State of Alaska
Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control Template

Download the SPCC Template

This MS Word 6.0 template is designed to assist in the creation of a SPCC Plan that complies with federal environmental policies set forth in 40 CFR 112.1-7.

The template is available in the form of an executable zipped file for download and installation. To ensure proper function of the template follow these procedures:

Run template in MS Word 6.0 on an IBM compatible PC. Install template files in C:\SPCC. This will occur automatically if you place the executable zipped file on your C: drive prior to executing it. Please read the accompanying instructions (Instruct.doc) for installation and use of the template prior to input of site specific information.

The completion of the template alone will not provide a certified SPCC plan. A site visit by a registered professional engineer and customization of the template’s plan to meet specific site characteristics will be required to generate a certified SPCC plan. However, the template will provide a guideline for the collection of pertinent information and will transfer that information into a draft SPCC plan report.

Download Executable SPCC Template - Zip