State of Alaska
Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Professional Development Required for School District Staff

AS 18.66.310

Sec. 18.66.310. Continuing education for public employees

(a) Employers of state or local public employees, including employees of public schools, shall, in consultation with the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, provide continuing education in domestic violence for the public employees who are required by law to report abuse or neglect of children under AS 47.17.020.
(b) The administrative director of the Alaska Court System. . .
(c) The Department of Law. . .
(d) The continuing education required under (a) – (c) of this section must include information on the following subjects:
(1) the nature, extent, and causes of domestic violence;
(2) procedures designed to promote the safety of the victim and other household members;
(3) resources available to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence; and
(4) the lethality of domestic violence.
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Available EED resource to comply with the above statute

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Educator Training eLearning Course will fulfill Alaska statute 18.66.310 (please note: district staff are not required to utilize this resource. Districts may use alternative resources).