Teacher Certification

Reemployment Certificate - Type B and C

Applicants who held a certificate that has been expired for over 12 months may be eligible for the Reemployment Certificate. The Reemployment Certificate is valid for one year, effective the date the complete application packet is received in the office of Teacher Education and Certification and is not renewable. During this year, the applicant must complete all current requirements for the Regular five-year certificate and submit an application. Click below to review the requirements for Regular certification.

Special Notes About the Reemployment Certificate:

  1. A Reemployment Certificate is non-renewable. After holding a Reemployment certificate, applicants are only eligible to apply for the Regular five-year certificate, and will not qualify for Provisional certification. Before applying for the Regular five-year certificate, applicants must meet all current requirements for certification. It is the responsibility of the applicant to know what all current certification requirements are.
  2. The endorsements on the Reemployment certificate will be the same as those on the applicant’s expired administrative or special services certificate.
  3. During the life of the Reemployment certificate no endorsements may be added or removed.