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The Hands-On collection is a special collection apart from the Alaska State Museum's permanent collections. As part of Alaska State Museum's outreach to students in rural areas across the state, the Sheldon Jackson Museum maintains a loan program for schools, libraries, and museums in Alaska.

How to Use the Website

Search by keyword or browse according to cultural group. Click on a photo to read a full description find the Object SKU number and Object Location Code.

How to Borrow Hands-On Collection Pieces

Teachers, students, and museums integrate the objects into their curriculum or program in a variety of ways, including:

  • classroom exhibits,
  • models for reproductions,
  • inspiration for creative writing, drawing, or drama,
  • examples for report writing, and
  • lesson plans.

To borrow collection pieces, peruse the website and submit a list of requested hands on artifacts to eed.lammus.handson@alaska.gov. Please include the following in your email:

  1. Borrower’s Name
  2. Borrower’s School or Nonprofit Organization
  3. Borrower’s telephone number
  4. Borrower’s Mailing Address (for sending the loan items to address)
  5. Object name(s)
  6. Object SKU number(s)
  7. Object Location Code(s) - the code comprised of letters or letters and roman numerals that appears to the right of “More details”

Questions? Call (907) 747-8981.

Policy to Borrow

Loans can be made for up to one month at a time. Reservations are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no charge for the service, except for return shipping.

Who May Borrow Objects:

Alaska teachers, students, librarians, home schoolers, and museums. In-state only.

Duration of Loans:

Loan items may be reserved for a full two weeks of use. An additional two weeks are factored in for shipping and handling. Special arrangements for longer loans can be made during the summer months when requests are at a minimum, or loans may be extended under certain circumstances and if no other requests are pending.

Number of Objects per Loan:

Up to twelve objects.

Borrower Responsibilities:

The borrower is responsible for:

  • submitting the loan request electronically,
  • returning items on time:
    • hand-delivered by the due date, or
    • postmarked by the due date,
  • proper handling and care of the objects,
  • returning items in the condition they were loaned,
  • alerting museum staff of any damages that may have occurred during use, and
  • paying for return shipping.

The Museum has the right to:

  • substitute similar items, if a request is out or reserved, or
  • deny further loans to an institution/individual for one year, if not returned on time.

Fees and Shipping:

This is a free service. However, the borrower is responsible for return shipping costs. Please return all materials in the original shipping box and use the same shipping and handling specifications used (or requested) by the museum.

Credit line:

Users are requested to publicly acknowledge the Sheldon Jackson Museums’ Hands-on Loan program. When objects are introduced to a class, the museums’ program should be mentioned. If exhibited, a label stating that the pieces are from the Sheldon Jackson Museum's Hands-on Loan program should be included.

Special Thanks:

The Sheldon Jackson Museum would like to express our gratitude to the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum for their continued support to the Sheldon Jackson Museums Hands-On Loan Program. To learn more about the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum or to become a member of the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum, please visit their website at friendsofsjm.com

Contact Information:

Sheldon Jackson Museum
104 College Drive
Sitka, AK 99835
(907) 747-8981