State of Alaska
Revilla High School

Revilla reported increased graduation and attendance rates, an increase in the number of credits attained , an increase in health/PE classes offered, and an updated health curriculum as its primary outcomes fueled by its participation in the Alternative Schools Initiative. Key activities that contributed to these successes were the work of a truancy monitor who kept struggling kids engaged in the educational system and a major revision to the content and materials of their mandated health class. The updated course will be available to students in September. Revilla High School delivered a new required health course as well as a new Career Exploration class, offered students First Aid/CPR instruction complete with certification, and utilized an “Ombudsman” position to connect students to social services. In the 2011-2012 school year, Revilla hired a community youth activities coordinator to expand both student awareness of the healthy activities available to them in their community as well as to assist them in participating in the activities. Revilla’s principal created a committee to plan and to monitor these activities as well as to create a website and brochure of all available activities. Examples of specific activities supported by the grant include renting the armory 2 days per week for students to get the P.E. credits necessary for graduation, providing scholarships for Parks and Recreation/Youth Soccer League programs, and providing bus tokens to students who needed transportation assistance. The Wellness coalition conducted a high school dropout survey, compiled the data, and presented to the school board and community. Revilla’s principal also presented Alternative School Youth Risk Behavior Survey data to the school board to build awareness of this student population’s unique needs. Revilla also conducted a summer school program for approximately 60 students for credit recovery, increasing graduation rates and lowering dropout rates. Revilla had the most graduates in the history of the school in 2012 and the number of graduates has increased over the years of this grant from years prior to the grant. 

Revilla High School students connected with the community in a multitude of ways during the 2012-2013 school year. Students participated in the town Earth Day clean up and the Senior Senior Prom in which they helped create a prom for the senior citizens at the Pioneer Home. It was great opportunity for the students to show their commitment and care for the community.  A connection was made with local businesses allowing students the opportunity to participate in a weekly kayak paddling group, go zip lining, and swimming. Recreational equipment was purchased for activities such as football, volleyball, geo cashing, yoga, pedometers, and recreational center passes, further increasing the physical activity and confidence levels of students. Additionally, staff completed training on suicide awareness and prevention.