Alaska State Literacy Blueprint

Professional Development

Vision: The State Board of Education & Early Development approves teacher preparation programs that produce graduates who understand and use student performance data in order to provide explicit and systematic instruction in reading and writing skills. EED works collaboratively with statewide agencies, consortia, and collaboratives to ensure the effective implementation of the Alaska Birth to Graduation State Literacy Blueprint and literacy initiatives in schools and districts. Childcare providers and educators participate in on-going professional development. The responsibility for the provision of ongoing, high quality professional development is shared by the state, the district, the school and/or local childcare programs. The content of professional development is research-based and focused on the literacy needs of children, as well as on the effective use of data to understand those needs.  Professional development is designed to promote collaboration and professional conversations that create effective learning communities and promote a climate of excellence. The schools and districts function as effective learning communities and support a climate conducive to excellence.

Quick View of Professional Development:

Professional development at multiple levels is key to successful implementation. The blueprint details the following aspects of professional development:

  • Multiple delivery methods to meet various needs
  • Allocation of resources for success
  • Content of professional development
  • Specific focus on the comprehensive assessment system