State of Alaska

Regulations Adopted by the State Board & Under Review by the Department of Law

Review of adopted regulations is done first by the Department of Law. After its review, the package is sent to the Lt. Governor’s Office for a final review. The regulation becomes effective 30 days after the Lt. Governor has signed off.

  • 4 AAC 06.065(a)
    Amended 4 AAC 06.065(a) replace "secondary students" with "students in grades nine through 12" to conform the regulation to the similar change in state law under Secs. 2-3, ch. 2, SSSLA 2015. Under that legislation, school districts are required to provide an opportunity to challenge courses only to students in grades 9-12, rather than to "secondary school" students. Under state law, a "secondary school" may include grades seven or eight.

  • 4 AAC 06.713
    Repealed 4 AAC 06.713. The intended effect of this repeal is to no longer require school districts to administer early literacy assessments to students in kindergarten through third grade.

  • Amended 4 AAC 52.130(k) as follows:
    Add fetal alcohol spectrum disorder to the list of health impairments that may render a student eligible for special education and related services as a child with other health impairments; and allow advanced nurse practitioners to diagnose fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in determining a student's eligibility for special education and related services as a child with other health impairments.

  • Amended 4 AAC 06.775(a) to adopt by reference the most recent edition of the publication Participation Guidelines for Alaska Students in State Assessments, that of December 2015, which has been updated to reflect changes in assessments for English language proficiency and science.

  • Amended regulations regarding a variety of matters related to teacher certification. The regulations implement legislation enacted in 2015 that requires additional teacher training. The regulations also revise certain endorsement requirements, modify certain content area examination requirements, reduce the number of required fingerprint cards, modify certain requirements for a highly qualified teacher designation, and make other technical and organizational changes and clarifications. View teacher regulation.