Family, School, Business and Community Network


To develop school leadership, techniques, and systems that encourage a school culture that actively involves parents, schools, businesses and communities.


  • Education is a shared responsibility between parents and family members, communities, businesses and organization, government and the schools. Parents value learning and are actively involved in their children’s education.
  • Parents are a child’s primary teacher and they represent a rich resource to improve student learning at home, in the classroom and schools, and to provide support for schools within their communities.
  • Schools are the mirror of a community. The culture, diversity, strengths and weakness of communities are reflected in their local schools. It is the community who has the most expertise identifying their own problems and solutions. In many Alaska communities the school is the center of community activities. It is imperative then that communities be an integral part of defining schools.
  • Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce. Employers can invest in their own futures by ensuring that education is relevant and that students are learning the life and work skills they will need to be successful employees. Students need to learn how to learn so that learning will become a life-long activity.
  • Strong partnerships between communities and their schools play a major role in supporting the functioning of healthy families.

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