State of Alaska

About EED

State Education Policy
AS 14.03.015

It is the policy of this state that the purpose of education is to help ensure that all students will succeed in their education and work, shape worthwhile and satisfying lives for themselves, exemplify the best values of society, and be effective in improving the character and quality of the world about them.


To ensure quality standards-based instruction to improve academic achievement for all students. Alaska Constitution Article 7, Sec. 1; AS 14.17

Core Services

  • Public School Funding
    Ensure funding is appropriately distributed to recipients based on legislative appropriation and by statute and in accordance with the foundation formula, other formula programs, or legislative intent for funding outside the primary funding formulas.
  • Fiscal Accountability, Compliance and Oversight
    Ensure the department effectively and efficiently manages state, federal and other funding by providing comprehensive fiscal and administrative services.
  • School Effectiveness Programs
    Assist school districts by providing programs, technical on-site and distance-delivery support, and early intervention services in efforts to increase the statewide graduation rate.
  • Active Partnerships
    Provide opportunities for, and collaborate with government entities, and other public and private organizations to engage in Active Partnerships in pursuit of state educational goals.